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Water Filtration

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At Badger's Plumbing we offer American Plumber brand, as well as many other leading brands of water filters to our customers to ensure they have safe drinking water. It's not enough to just disinfect water to make it safe for drinking. There are chemicals left behind in this process like chlorine and chloramines, as well as sediment, rust, and lead from old soldered copper or galvanized pipes.

What's In Your Water?

With water pollution and water-borne contaminants climbing to their highest levels since the super-polluted era of the 1970s, the importance of clean, safe drinking water is greater than ever. That's why the sale of water filters continues to rise. Discriminating families everywhere are looking for better tasting water that will not only enhance the taste of their food and beverages, but will keep their families safe and in good health. Blending carbon with other ingredients enhances the adsorption process to effectively reduce harmful chemicals like lead and hundreds of volatile organic chemicals, including many pesticides and herbicides.

We Cover Them All

Most all systems are an undersink full flow systems, that hide your new water filter from plain site but keep it in an easy place for replacing the filters and servicing. Designer dedicated faucets are also available for both systems. We offer point of use filter systems (under sink, refrigerator) as well as whole-house filter systems. Call for a free in-home estimate to see which system would be best for you.

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More Information

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