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Water Heater Installation & Repair

Water Heaters

Not Enough Hot Water?

Water heaters are made up of relatively few parts. When one of those parts fail you are sure to notice it immediately. Are you not getting hot water for the length of your entire shower? Is the water just not hot enough anymore? The plumber's at Badgers' Plumbing will be able to determine the source of your problem. Repairing your water heater to a like new condition can ensure years of trouble free operation once again. Depending on the age of the water heater, repairs may not be the best solution. Replacing a water heater that is over ten to twelve years old often is a better choice. These options will be presented to you and you can decide for yourself which choice best suits your needs. Of course if we do replace your water heater, we will always haul the old water heater away. This is just one of the steps to ensure your total satisfaction.

Your hot water heater can be the most expensive appliance to operate in your home. We can recommend ways for you to save energy and money, just ask us! Remember, a residential water heater should never be set to more than 120 degrees to avoid the risk of scalding and burning. By maintaining this or a slightly lower temperature you will be saving yourself more money than you might think.

Waiting too long for hot water?

The only problem you may have is that your bathroom is at the opposite end of the house, as far away from your water heater as possible. Millions of gallons of water, nationwide, are wasted each year waiting for the hot water to get to your shower or tub. Stop wasting water and money today! Ask us about a recirculating system that nearly eliminates the wait for hot water each and every time you shower or bathe. The process can be done in one afternoon and is less complicated than you would think and requires little, if any, maintenance to keep the system operational. If you are replacing your water heater ask about installing a recirculating pump at the same time to take advantage of even greater savings on the installation costs.

More Information

The Consumer Energy Center is a good resource to find out more information about how your water heater works, the different types of water heaters available, and most importantly, the costs associated with operating each type of water heater. The link to the Consumer Energy Center can be found here.

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