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Faucets & Sinks

Bathroom FaucetFaucets

Faucets for your kitchen or bath come in many different styles. Single handle faucets incorporate both the hot and cold water in to one cartridge and can be more user friendly because the water temperature can be adjusted with one hand. Two handle faucets can offer more of a "retro" look and feel to your bath or kitchen. Many different finishes are available such as pewter, bronze, copper, polished brass, and yes, even chrome. Either style is produced by manufacturers that have been making faucets for decades and are very reliable in either case. Badger's Plumbing can help you decide which faucet best suits your needs, fits the sink you already have, and will give you years of reliable service.

Kitchen SinkSinks

Bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks also come in many shapes and sizes. When replacing either, that's the best time to install a new faucet as well. By replacing the sink, whether it's cracked or stained, you will have many more choices as to the faucet you would like to install. There are a few different composite materials as well as the traditional cast iron or stainless steel kitchen sinks available. Go to our "Products" page to see links to the different sink & faucet manufacturers we recommend. When replacing the sink we usually recommend replacing the "p-trap" under the sink as well, should it need repair. Once completed, a new sink and faucet installation in your kitchen or bath returns it to a like new condition, leaving you with one less thing to worrry about.

More Information

Check out this page here for links to manufacturers of Kitchen & Bath Faucets and Sinks.

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