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Selecting the Right Faucet Type for your Kitchen

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The style of kitchen faucet you choose generally relates to the faucet's anticipated use. Whatever your design preference, it is important to consider how convenient the handles will be when you're actually using them. Listed below are common faucet types to consider:

Single Handle Faucets
Allow you to quickly and easily adjust the water flow and temperature with one single motion, using one hand. This is especially important when your hands are occupied, dirty, or soapy. The ease of operation with one hand often makes single control faucets the better choice.

Two Handle Faucets
Allows more design flexibility and provide precise temperature adjustment with independent hot and cold controls. Two-handle models generally offer a wider selection of spout and handle designs.

Pull-Out or Integral Spray Faucets
Offer both style and functionality. The spray wands usually pull from the front of the faucet and have a button to perform the spray. This makes it easy to access and operate for quick cleanups.

Wall-Mount Faucets, also called Pot Fillers
These are faucets that mount on the wall above the sink or on the wall by the stove. These are popular with avid cooks. No more hauling that big heavy pot, simply place the pot on the burner and fill it. Pot filler faucets may be wall or deck mounted, single or dual handle, long spout, gooseneck swivel spout, mixer with a pre-rinse spray and bridge. Handles are either cross style or lever style in a traditional or contemporary style and come in a variety of finishes!

Extra-High Pot Filler Faucets
Kitchen faucets are now produced with varying spout heights. When making the determination as to which height spout you require, be sure to evaluate your kitchen space and your specific clean-up requirements. High-arc or waterfall spouts provide you with more working room in the sink. If you entertain often, large platters, pots and pans require more space to clean-up, so you'll need a spout with a higher reach. However, a kitchen with limited space could easily be overwhelmed by the height of a very high spout.

Faucets with a built-in water filtration system
This style of faucet looks like a regular kitchen faucet but with one important difference - It's a highly efficient water-filtering faucet. It provides sparkling-clear, delicious tasting, quality water direct from the tap - for a tenth of the cost of bottled water. They are usually available in the same style and finish as your regular kitchen faucets.

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